Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Territorial pissings

I've just made a cup of tea in our office kitchen and, in a fit of pique, rubbed the name off someone's carton of soy milk with my thumb. I now have orange marker on me like a stain of guilt but I refuse to feel guilty.

What is it with people's need to be territorial over stuff in the fridge in communal places? I mean, I can understand it when you're a skint student and your house/flat/dorm mates are all skint and starving but in an office full of adults? Does writing your name on something really help? If someone's determined to have that food in the fridge and they already know it's not theirs, do you think that seeing your name on it is going to deter them? Make them stop to think of you weeping into a fishpond over the fact you have 30ml less soy milk than before? Seriously?

She and I are the only people in the office that drink soy milk and my carton was already in the fridge. Everyone else here thinks that soy milk is muck. So why bother etching your tag all over it? Three times, no less.

A carton of own-brand soy milk costs about 60p. A carton will usually do me for longer than a week. If it goes much longer than that, it'd go off anyway so I'd be glad if someone dipped into it because I hate to waste it. But even if I had to bring in two a week because others were using it, what's the big deal? If there was a little more give and take around the place, maybe people would get on a little better.

So to Jane, whose smudged name now stains my thumb, up yours with your passive-aggressive food marking. No-one wants your crappy soy milk anyway!

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